How is shell disease passed?


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I have seen a few posts about mantis getting a shell disease. I was wondering if it was species specific or whether diferent animals can pass the disease along to my mantis. I put a couple of shrimp i caught in the gulf of mexico in with my mantis so that he could snack on them whenever he wanted and today i noticed one of them had a couple of dark spots on its shell. I dont know if they are diseased or just damaged from an attack. Does anyone know if my mantis can catch anything from these shrimp?
Since we don't know the primary cause of shell disease in stomatopods, I can't say if they can "catch" it from a shrimp. My guess would be no, although some of the secondary infections that develop once the disease is established might be passed along.

We usually only see a "shell disease" in large Odontodactylus scyllarus, other Odontodactylus species, Gonodactylus chiragra, Gonodactylaceus ternatensis, and Hemisquilla ensigera.

It is not common in Neogonodactylus or Pseudosquilla species.