How long do you troubleshoot the vibration before sending it in for service?


Reef bully

I have 2 vortechs. One has been in a tank for a month, the other for 1 week.

The one that I have in use for one month I have had trouble with the spinning. The middle part, when looking straight on seems to wobble when it spins. As I turn it up, there is loud vibration sound similar to a computer fan that has something stuck to it.
(or kind of a motor grinding sound)

I've taken it out, put it back together, nudged the two parts little by little, etc.

How long do I keep playing with it before sending it back for service? Any other tricks? Should I put the spacer to 1/2"? It is currently 3/8".

If I send it back, do I reference this thread?

Thank you for your help.


Team RC
I have the same problem with mine and its almost the same age. Probably 1-2 months old. Found out a few minutes ago when i came home. email sent.