How long does a red hair outbreak last after addressing issue?


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I had a spike in TDS (34) due to need for new rodi filters, and my phosphate was high (~.12 a .20) due to a combo of things but primarily getting a hanna checker vs. cheap test kit and implementing gFo reactor, as well as increasing the light on my fuge (cheato took off) has it under control as far as several hanna checks go. I know you never know with phosphate but for the sake of the question at hand lets assume I've got it under control.

I have inch-plus red hair growing on everything and the growth may have stabilized. Assume phos stays under control how long does red hair hang around before my tank will be back to normal? Should I vacuum what I can out?


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If any of your animals are consuming it I would just let it run its course which to answer your question could vary in time. If nothing is consuming it, then I might start on manual removal methods. Just try to focus on a good nutrient export regiment (which it sounds like you have) and kick back and let nature do its thing.