how long does it take for the clownfish to move in to the anemone


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Depends on the type of clown and the type of anemone.

I personally have seen it take seconds, all the way up to a couple of months.
My Gold Stripe Maroon Clowns moved into my bubbletip anemone right when I released them into the display tank (anemone had been in there for months and the clowns were young).


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It all depends on the clowns really when they are ready they will go to it.
I've seen it take a few months in my cases


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Mine had absolutely no interest in my RBTA for almost nine months. I was actually talking with my girlfriend about trading them in for another pair that might. I woke up this morning and both of them were in the anemone!! Needless to say I'm pretty excited. But from what I understand its pretty much a 50/50 shot. Some do it, some dont.


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I almost feel bad saying it, but every clown I've had has gone in to an anemone within minutes of being put in the tank.


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As others have mentioned, it depends on the fish. It took my ocellaris clowns a little over a year. I'm convinced the only reason that they finally decided to go into the anemone was because I moved the tank into my new house. They got scared and needed protection.


Took about 6 months till mine took to it. They were in the tank first then added the nem about a month later. I think it was more by fluke though. I stuck my hand in the tank and they went scooting threw it and almost came to a complete halt when they went out the other side. Almost as if they really enjoyed it. cant keep them out of it now. lol


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I am a firm believer in natural symbionts. Provide your clowns with their natural host and it's just a matter of time IMO.


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I have two black and whites and it's taken them 9 months and the female just started to go in my RBTA the other day I'm hoping both will be in and hosting it soon I also have a carpet nem that they don't even look at.