How long for a maxima to fasten to rock?


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I have a new 1 1/2" maxima that I have had for about 3 weeks. It is extending well, free of snails (so far), but the color around the inhalant and exhalent syphons appears to be remaining light. From Knop's book it appears that this may be sign of too little light. I have purposely started the clam in my tank from a slightly shaded area on the sand bed and then moved it to brighter and brighter areas of the sand bed about once a week. The bysuss (sp?) gland has only grabbed some sand to this point.

Last night I placed the clam upon a piece of tonga where it can easily rest upright. It is my hopes that it will affix itself to this rock and that I can then move the rock higher in the water column.

Does anybody know how long it usually takes for a maxima to get a good enough grip on a rock for me to move the rock to a new position?

One of my Maximas was purchased at about 1". I sat it on a piece of clam shell and it attached in a day or so, was very fast.

As for the light, I would get it in the light . even though those small clams really dont derrive too much of their energy from photosynthesis but about 80% from the water column so more important at this point is daily DT's or the like.

By light do you mean white or just light. White is not good and can indicate things other than light deprivation.
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Thank you for the reply!

The max has attached itself and is looking better. I'm trying to keep it well fed and well cared for.

Thanks again!