How long for UV to clear up green water?


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My 135g has cloudy green water. I just put a 18w uv sterilizer in. I tried to aim the output as closely as possible to the entrance of the skimmer.

How long did it take to clear up your cloudy water?


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Kinda hard to say exactly how long, to many variables

How yellow the water is..... How much flow through the skimmer.....

I would think within a few days you should be clear.... That's if the flow is slow enough


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Oops.... Didn't mean flow through skimmer, mean flow through uv

Big uv will clear up in hrs.... I would think 18w and 125g would be a day or two but hard to say


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maybe undersized?

I think 18 watts is efficient for 100 or less and 25 would be more suited

I know slow flow is recommended for parasites but bacteria and algae would need more flow so a higher watt unit may be more prudent.

Just my .02


edit: there's charts out there for size and flow rates