How many days do you leave fish with Prazi???


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I have been dosing prazi in 1st day of 2nd TTM and again in 1st day of 4th TTM. Each TTM las 3 days, but sometimes fish loose apetite while in prazi and since TTM last 3 days I am wondering if Prazi needs 3 days with fish or if it just needs less time it could be dosed in 2nd day of TTM??



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I have wondered this also.

I did a formalin dip, then about a week later (after the fish were eating well), dosed Prazi for 24 hours, then I used the chart someone linked to to determine when to do the Prazi follow up based on temp and salinity:

Formalin 50m bath on the 12th
Prazi #1 on the 17th (24hour exposure)
Prazi #2 on the 24th (48hour exposure)

Both fish ate well during Prazi, but did not eat for 48 hours after the formalin.


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This but it will not kill eggs.

Right, nothing will kill the eggs though. I believe I read somewhere that a dose of 20xs the recommended dose was used on manta rays for a fluke infestation and less than 5% of the eggs hatched.


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Well, the eggs are quite the issue. While 5 to 7 days may work for most common "flukes" there is no guarantee.

This isn't like with ich and TTM where the timeline is well known and defined.
"Flukes" is a collective term for thousands of parasitic flatworm species in several genera. Some lay eggs, some don't. Some eggs hatch within days while others may take up to 3 weeks. Some are even completely unaffected by Praziquantel (PraziPro). Some are killed by hyposalinity while others are unaffected even by freshwater.

So while 2 treatments about a week apart may do the trick, there is no guarantee it catches all - just something to keep in mind.


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Thanks Roewer,
I thought that timeline was well difined with Prazi as with TTM
if these is the case is it better to dose prazi on 1st day of 2ndo traffers and leave it for 3 days with fish and dose it again in 1st day of 4th Transffer and leave fish for another 3 days in it??

Thanks again