How many GPH for a softie tank?


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10X's Total Volume is considered to be proper flow. a couple hundred more wouldnt hurt. IMO, 250 -300 GPH increase with the 10X's T.V. good luck!
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Thanks guys,

I have 2 return outlets with about 7 feet of flex hose. so that means I need at least 1200 gph pump, maybe more would be even better! what do you think?

Best pump for the job?

Quiet, low heat?
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tom obrecht

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I had about 16X's per hour on my old system. For me a more important point was varied flow. I had 3 Sea Swirls on the tank and it really provided a nice sway to everything. Click my red house for pics and info.


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what kind of pumps are you guys using. I am having trouble finding one with a high enough gph.

I would prefer a submersible just because I don't want to have to ask the husband to help me drill the sump!


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2 Hydor Koralia 3's on my 55 + my return. The Koralia 3 puts out about 850 gph per. It is a very dispersed flow and my softies love it.


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250 + 260 + 340 + 160 + 480 = 1490 / 75 = 19.8x

+ powerheads

Not as bad as my 46 from way back:

250 + 260 + 500 + 350 = 1310 / 46 = 28

Also, are you guys figuring in head hight?


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i have a Mag 9.5 in my sump @ 3 ft of head gets me about 7-800 GPH plus a MJ 1200 on a closed loop ~ 300

300 + 700 = 1000/ 30 (including volume in sump) = ~33 mind you that goes though a SCQD so maybe 600 GHP = 30 times then...

LOL my one and only softy so far loves it..


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Agree about hydor Koralia #3 i run 2 on my 55gal pointed towards each other, also, 2 penguin powerheads in the same direction towards the back glass to avoid dead spots and create more chaotic flow around. You should be able ti see your corals sways in different directions, stay still for a second and then away again.