How many Nassarius?


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If i am not mistake 1 snails per 1-2 gallon of water. so you shouldn't go with more than 40 in your tank. also you might want a little of every kind since they seem to eat different kind of algea.

Travis L. Stevens

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I would keep about 20-30. It also depends on how heavily you feed your tank. They are great scavengers, so if you feed heavy and have lots of extra food, then you would want more. But if you feed lightly, then I would only get a few.


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I'm a big fan of adding a few of each and then seeing how your tank responds. Different snails eat different algae. Nass snails eat junk from the sand (mostly). They aren't algae snails. Ceriths will eat algae from your sand and glass, but I rarely seen mine on the rocks. I like Trochus snails over the Astreas, and they will eat it off the glass and rocks, but I never see them on my sand.