How many pods should I get?

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Just set up my refuguim on my 50 gallon breeder tank. It's a small hob refuguim only 3.6 gallons. I don't plan on a mandarin goby. Just want to add them for a food source for my fish, and help clean up a little. Also what other critters are best to add to my refuguim? I'll have live sand and live rock with cheato.


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If you used any live rock in the tank I wouldn't even worry about the pods. Your not planning on getting a specialized feeder such as a mandarin and they don't really do much as far as keeping a tank clean is concerned. Your fish might pick a few off here & there, but you'll be providing the bulk of the fishes diet through dry or frozen food anyway. Don't get me wrong they're definitely nice to have in a reef tank, but kind of overrated if you ask me. Save your money for something else. JMO, GL.


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What cloak said. If you add anything live that's been wet you'll most likely get them and they will repoduce very well as long as you don't have anything specifically hunting them like dragonets or some wrasses.

Like my 20 gallon mantis tank. It was actually setup as a QT tank at one time with copper in it. Cleaned it out and put down dry sand and dry dead rock. I added in some xenia and some zoas that were on a small piece of rock. The tank is now crawling with various pods.