how many salt water fish in a 30gal tank??


I have a 30gl tank , i'm putting 15pnds of rock in it . How many salt water fish can live in the tank??


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It sint really a question of how many it depends on what your thinking of, Obviously there are many fish that will grow too large for a 30 gal tank. But you could have clowns, a royal gramma, small gobies, damsels, chromis.. not all but you have to get an idea of at least a few youd like to keep for others to help you more


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I keep a clown, pajama cardinal, yellow clown gobie, bicolor dotyback, and 2 damsels (one yellow and one yellow tail)


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I think how many fish you can keep depends on the type of fish and your individual setup. My 30g is 9 months old and I built up the population gradually, watching the levels and leaving time for things to adjust between additions. There's a little HOB refugium on the tank filled with Chaeto macroalgae and 30lbs of LR which together keep NO3 and PO4 at undetectable levels.
I keep six fish: a Lubbock's fairy wrasse, a yellow clown goby, an ocellaris clownfish, an orange-spotted shrimp goby, a white-tailed dwarf angel and a Talbot's damsel.