How Many Tangs In a 167 Gallon Tank?


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I was wondering if a blue regal/hippo tang, yellow tang, naso tang, and either an achilles or powder blue tang could all go into a 165-167 gallon, 6"x2"x2" aquarium. To be specific, the tank is called the Infinia Peninsula 7225. If not, what is the recommended size tank to house them all?
+1 Assuming you get juveniles roughly around 3" you "should" be ok depending on individula personality. As they sexually mature you're more likely to have issues and need to rehome someone. A longer and or wider tank is better especially for the regal as it can get over a foot long. Aquascaping that gives plenty of hiding places as well as being able to swim the whole length of the tank is recommended also.
Do not forget when adding the tangs. Use a mirror on one side this will cause them to eagerly fight themselves in the reflection