How much alk is your tank consuming per day?


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I am currently trying to use up the rest of my BRS two part before switching back to TLF and I have been having some issues with keeping my Alk levels up. I checked how much is needed daily since I have not read the instructions since my 90 gal and realized I am very far off from where I need to be. I have finally figured out why my levels have been off for so long and why it seemed like I was dosing too much. BRS is pretty diluted. I am currently dosing 125ml a day but the instructions say I should be around 200ml a day. That leaves 75ml a day extra but I know it should be over a period of weeks. Per this regimen one gallon would only last 18 days.

For those that use BRS two part can you please share the following:
How much you dose per day?
What size is your tank?

Thanks in advance