How much calcium is in my tap water?


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While I love reefs, this isn't a reef question but I hope you can indulge me, especially all you chemisits and others that under stand the following.

I am hypercalcimic and creating kidney stones every 2 years (very painful each time). My stones are comprised of 50% Calcium Oxalate Dihydrate (Weddellite) 50% and
Carbonate Apatite (Dahllite). All tests are negative and I'm wondering if it's the calcium in my tap water.

I bought a Hanna Colorimeter and measured my tap water at 200 ppm Calcium (not sure if it's C++ or ?? calcium). How do I caculate 200 ppm to grams per ounce of tap water I drink. I drink about 140 ounces a day so I'm wondering if drinking so much calcium is my real problem. If this is my problem I'll buy an RO system immediately.

Thanks again for any and all help you can shed on my problem.
Strange question for a forum like this. Drink RO water if you’re concerned and trying to limit calcium intake. I’d venture cutting out calcium rich foods would help more. Could always incorporate lemon juice in your diet or take citrate supplements.
Thanks Nate! I was surfing the web and saw lots of people at this site are extremely knowledgable about calcium, hence asking for indulgence if someone could calculate this out for me. I just want to be sure I have a high calcium water problem before investing in an RO system or buying distilled water to drink.