how much growth can I expect?


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I have a birdsnest, and a red cap, and an sps I cannot identify. I get the feeling it doesn't grow fast though.

What rate can I expect my birdnest and cap to grow? Ex:how many inches a month?


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My digi's, red milli and birds's nest grow about 1/4 inch per month....from what I've seen this is pretty slow growth.


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I have a couple red/orange cap frags that went about 3-4 weeks with no growth after I put them in my 55, but in the last 2-3 weeks they have both grown almost 1/4" around most of the edges. They are under 4x65W Dual Satelites in the top half of the tank. Like suppressivefire said, it all depends on your tank.


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I have a orange monti cap that is about 15 months old now. He was the size of a finger when I got him. Now it is about 9-10 inches around with many layers forming. If parameters are good you will get steady growth with the caps.
Birdsnest and unkown sps will most likely be slower growing. Some sps grow very slow all of the time others grow much faster.
For me SPS frags usually take about 5-6 weeks to really start growing then the older they get the faster they grow.


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Hmm interesting. So it mostly depends on the tank itself.

I have seen my birdsnest develop two new branches in the past week. They are little bumps, but everyday they seem bigger.

And the rim of my red cap gets more and more polyps everyday. I haven't looked closely at my other sps to see their growth.


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totally dependson tank I have seen a 1 inch birdsnest frag grow to the size of a basketball in a year and a half totally depends on tank ,light ,flows blah blah blah