How much Iodine for an Iodine dip?

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How much Iodine do you dose (per gallon) for an Iodine dip to treat an infected coral and how long do you leave the coral in it? The coral is a frogspawn. TIA

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When I had to do this for the first time recently, I was advised to use 10 drops of lugols iodine per gallon of water and to dip it for no more than 5-7 minutes.
HTH - John

Thanks, and did the treatment help? Also, I don't have Lugols, but I guess Kent is better than none at all?!
The treatment did help. I think loguls iodine is more potent than most of the potassium iodide solutions so I'm not sure what dosage you should use or if it is even a recommended treatment.

Regards - John
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