how often do you feed RBTA?


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i feed mine once a week. i use uncooked shrimp, thawed in tank water in a plastic Dixie cup. 1/4-1/3 max. i use vynil gloves, not latex, break apart while partially thawed. REEF-ON!!!


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same, a small shrimp once per week. i use a pair of SS tongs and just hold it close to a tentacle and he grabs it


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I feed mine 1/4 " pieces of silversides, krill, and mysis shrimp. Anything bigger can stress it and result in later regurgitation, thus possibly causing a water parameter problem if you don't watch it. Maybe once or twice a week, but I'm trying to get him to grow (which he's doing by leaps and bounds). It's no big deal though if you feed less often as long as the lighting and flow is good, at least in a tank with fish in it. They get a lot of nutrition from that source too.


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My son thought it would be a good idea to feed ours whole silversides every other day......soon it wall the size of a basketball! We did a 30% water change and "poof" we now have 2. This RBTA clones itself pretty regularly


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I feed my anemones a large silverside every other day. It split earlier this year and both are now huge again. I'm worried they will split again. Not enough room in the tank.


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A whole silverside twice a week. The nem has grown from 3-5" across to about 8-10" across in 3 months. No progeny yet, but I'm hoping. :)