How to catch a bi color angel?


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Like the title says I have a big color Angel I need to capture. Coke bottle hasn't worked.
He is beginning to pick at some of the coral.

Anyone want him if and when I catch him.


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Custom spear gun from paper clips and rubber band lol jp but feels like it sometimes. I've been trying to catch a damsel in my tank forever now. He picks on alot of my fish.


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Just a suggestion . I have a fairly shallow tank and when I want a fish out I just drain the tank to about an 1" of water. Makes catching fish fairly easy.


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Buy the smallest, NON-BARBED ONLY, hook you can find ...

Attach a large piece of mysis, Piscine Energetics mysis are the perfect size for this, and go fishing :D



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Use eggcrete to section off a part of the tank he is in then your only trying to catch him out of a 50G tank instead of a 375. Thats how I do it.


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I have thought ahout using egg crate, but I have rock all over, most not movable without toppeling over other piles


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I've got a golden head sleeper goby I have been trying to get out for a month or so now. Tried fish traps both bottle and one from LFS with no luck. I am seriously about ready to rig up either a harpoon or a small fishing pole. I don't care whether he lives or dies at this point. I'm gonna chop him up into little pieces and feed him to my anemone just for some payback little bastard!


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I use a big clear plastic bag taped to metal hanger to make a giant net looking thing...... I place that in the tank. I then stick my arm or something in another part of my tank to scare the fish they usually will swim right into the bag and just pull them out.
its ghetto but works for me.


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I have a fish trap in there, currently the sailfin tang, eel, trigger, lawnmower bleny have all ventured in there.

the angel has not yet.


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Have you had any luck? I need a trap to get my emperor angel out. The coke bottle has not worked yet. He will enter the bottle, but will not swim through the hole (inverted part).
If I had a trap with a door it should work great.


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I had a Bi color go rogue in my tank a couple months ago, so I drained it completely.
Made me a bag at work, took all of 45 minutes.


Good luck. I am still trying to catch my Ocean Tang. (for you). I have tried everything short of the above bag approach. I wonder how much beer it took him to decide to that... Seen your tank video- 375g, not sure thats a great idea.