How to colour up rainbow tenuis


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Hi. Recently we have started getting in these rainbow type tenuis at our local stores.

They all come in with some colour that looks good under gel filter pics and then brown out.

Any advice on how to get these rainbow tenuis to colour up again? Im using an 8bulb ati unit supplemented with two orphek led bars.


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If they are browning out, that is typically due to high nutrients (Nitrate and phosphate)


I think water parameters particularly stable one's and flow are more important than light. Also once you move one of those high dollar corals to a different tank there is a period of adjustment. You also need to consider how you are viewing the coral. At the store you were probably viewing it from top down, but now you are probably viewing it from the side. Shops usually use heavy blues and if you purchased it online who knows what filters and editing was used. I have the rainbow varieties but from across the room the solid colors look better to me.

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Tenuis can handle an absurd amount of light once settled in. That's the tricky part getting it settled, looks like a maricultured piece. They can be hard to keep alive and it will probably be awhile before you start to get very nice color out of it. There are only a few tenuis I've seen that truly look good under daylight. Most need all blue, even a filter to see what the vendor was taking pictures of. I also feel nutrients play a major role with tenuis, mine look great with elevated levels and are the first to show signs of pale or being very light/pastel when nutrients drop off.