How to determine Overflow rate (gph) for aquarium??


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hey guys,

I am going to get my tank drilled and was trying to decide between order a 700gph overflow kit or a 1500gph overflow kit. This will be for my 93g marineland cube. Which do you guys suggest/how do you determine which is a better amount for my tank? Was planning on using it with a aqueon proflex sump model 3. Thanks.


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The 700 is perfect. I assume your getting it from glass holes....I have the 700 and it's too much for my 40br. Wish I went smaller. You need very little flow through a sump for it to be affective. Too much and your just wasting energy by pumping it all back up to the tank as it won't give the water enough dwell time, especially if you have a fuge.


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Recomended Flow Rate

Recomended Flow Rate

Hi Guys,
Can anyone advise min and max flow rate for a FOWLR tank.
I have around 80gl system, including the sump, with 700gph pump but its only giving me around 260gph.
Pls advise.


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For fish only tanks I like to run about 7-10 times the DT through the sump (630-900 GPH for you) and have another 10 to 20 turn-overs using powerheads in the DT for a total of 20-30 turn-overs (1800-2700 gph for you).