How to feed pellets?


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I normally feed flakes and brine shrimp. Recently I bought some Formula One Marine Pellets but the problem is they sink right to the bottom. My fish are used to the food floating in the water column so they never search the sandbed. Crabs are having a hey-day. Is there some other wy to administer the incredible sinking pellet?


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When I feed pellets, I just drop a couple in at a time right above the fish, they will usually grab some on the way down, the few the fish miss, become crab food. The trick is just to feed a very small amount and very slowly.


Reef Ninja
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I turn off all my powerheads when I feed. This way the food doesn't get blown all around the tank and they are more concentrated for the fish.

phish guy

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i also use the formula 1 pellets, yeah they can sink fast. i throw them in a few at a time through out the day.