how to feed torch


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i read you don't really need to feed a torch besides phytoplankton, but i wanted to give it some mysis every now and then.

i've read at night they send out their filter tentacles and that's when they feed. i've been checking in on it at night and haven't seen these tentacles.

i've also tried dropping a shrimp on it. it closed around it and looked like it was going to eat it, but a few minutes later i'm pretty sure i saw it falling from it.

what do you all do?


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Many corals feed after the lights have been out for about an hour.

You could make a little batch of a mixture of stuff, suck it up in a turkey baster and squirt it after the lights have been out for awhile.

If you can't see anything in your tank, you could use a red flashlight to help you.

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The tentacles are the torch tentacles. They don't send out sweepers like some corals (galaxia). Just give them some mysis on the 'torch' part. They'll take it in. Be sure to feed all other animals (fish and especially shrimp).

Take a syringe or droppper and suck up the food and gentally give it to them. It will help if you turn off your fluval and skimmer. The tentacles will take it in.

I do this with my frogspawn. But i wouldn't do it too much. Once a week or every 2 weeks, that would be okay. I feed my corals a day before i do a water change so i don't get a nitrate spike.....hope that helps


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how long does it take for the coral to actually take the food in. I seem to wait about ten minutes before turning the pumps back on and see the mysis float out of the tentecles


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ya i see mine float out as well. i've seen it grab a few pellets that drop its way too.

i thought they sent out wonder i didn't see them.