how to get rid of hair algae


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i have a hair algae problem that is getting worse by the day, how do i stop and get rid of this?


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I'm going thru the same thing -could be your bulbs are they old?
I have heard different brands of salt could cause this.
I have no clean up crew- do you have snails and hermits?
also if you use ro/di- how old are your filters and pre filters?
are you doing regular water changes?


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You can put the ROWAPHOS in your mechanical filter or hang it in your sump or tank if you don't have a filter. Do a Yahoo search and you'll find out all about it. Most people with hair algae problems have high PO4 levels and this product does an excellent job removing it.


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Mexican turbos, the big ones, will take care of it in a few weeks.

I had mexican turbos that wouldn't touch the stuff. :( I must have gotten some defective ones!! LOL


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I got two mexican turbos and they cleaned the stuff out. I would look for the ones with little spikes along the spiral. I dont know if there is a species difference but I noticed a difference between those and ones with smoother shells of the same common name and size.


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Dont waste you time with snails they just die in your tank and they really don't eat long hair algae. I battled hair aglae and bryopsis for about 9 months and finally got it to go away by increasing my fuge lighting to 24 hrs a day and I increased my Alk, Ph and calcium levels to allow for more favorable conditions for my corline algae to out compete the hair and bryopsis algae. I also preformed bi weekly water changes with DO-DI water.


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I wouldn't say don't waste your time with snails. I find them very effective. They also ait all of the very long algea growing over my zoos, which by the way, I can't beleive are still alive. Now I dont know if they will survive, but them eating the hair algae allowed me to get it all undercontrol.


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I have found that long spine urchines eat also every kind of algae, except bubble. They mow hair algae down like its nothing. If you go this route though you might want to ditch the long spine after you get a handle on the problem. They will grind off and eat your coralline algae as well.


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I'd say keep the snails, too. They won't eat the long hair algae but they're still effective as far as a clean-up crew goes. *shrug*