How to have Apex control Tunze stream 3?


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(I posted this in neptune forum also, but Rogger is the best, if he knows what to do,):
I did some looking, and anything I see about how to control steam 3 gets me now here. I'm totally clueless here. I see I need to make a profile for each pump??
does anyone have a link showing a total newbie from starting up the apex app to every single step (assuming I know nothing, which is about what I know) on what to do from point 0 to controlling the streams? I thought it woudl be a little easier than this.

I do have the adapter cable for tunze to apex. I have the app. I havfe my temp probe going. So I know only mega basics and I cant find anything to get me any further.

The Stream 3 is controlled in the same way as any of our other controllable pumps. There are only 2 differences. You generally do not want to turn the pump off, it needs several seconds to relevitate the drive unit and restart so if you rapidly cycle them off and on, they will never come on. You also can go to much lower speeds, as low as 5% and generally a very low speed would replace off in for example wave mode.
Ty Roger
I get all that. You gave me the first part, which gets the pumps ready to be controlled. Do you know what to do on the Apex end of it? I need to figure out how to control the pumps with the apex. I know you're not an apex expert, so totally understandable if you don't know.
I figured it out.. I posted a question here and I cant delete the post, but it's all set up.
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