how to hide a heater w/o a sump?


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trying to figure this one out, thought you guys could give me a hand. i was thinking i could put it inside a filter fuge, but im not sure how the plastic and heat would go together. the submersible heater i have is about 8" long... i am thinking about making one of those aquaclear fuge mods (or similar), which i am thinking would be my best bet as far as concealing it. anyone do anything similar? any advice would be great!


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If you're looking to hide one in a HOB or something, I got this little tetratec heater... yeah... tetratec's usually suck, but this guy worked like a charm. I don't remember where I got it, but I'm sure if you wanted one a LFS can order one in for you. I just shoved it into a HOB that I was using on a 3gal and never had any problems with it.