how to light a 92 corner tank?


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There is another member on here who has posted pics of his 92g corner. He had a canopy and was able to fit a 250 watt MH with 5-6 T5's.


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my 92

my 92

In my 92 corner, my canopy has a 400w MH and 2 X 24" VHO (blue) I think it still needs another pair of 24 " blue AT. and the heat is not to bad.


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Ahh the ever challenging 92 gallon corner. I am fighting with her as we speak! I will find a decent stand for her if it's the last thing I do! :D

Anyways, back to your question. I am planning on retrofitting as many T5s into a canopy as I can get to fit. I've purchased 2 Icecap 660 ballasts, 4 36" 39 watt bulbs, 4 24" 24 watt bulbs, and their individual reflectors, end caps, etc.

If I can get all 8 bulbs to fight in the canopy (the 4 39 watts in the front and the 4 24 watts behind those) it might qualify as a regular miracle, but we'll see. That's the neat thing about the Icecap 660 ballasts, they can run in 2 and 3 bulb combinations so long as you wire them right.

By the way, I would love to place a 400 watt monster halide in the center and the T5s around those, but I can't stand chillers (they are all noisy to me, despite their manufacturers' claims) and if I run that setup in Miami I might as well open up a fish restaurant since I will no doubt be cooking my fish! :D


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I had a 92g corner at one time. I had a 36" fixture on it and it fit very well.

I'd go with T-5's or a MH combo fixture.

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here is a pic of mine, its a 36" coralife fixture and not in the pic is another 24" fixture behind it so there is 2 96w and 2 65w bulbs. I grounded down the legs so they were flat and use stick poster goop to make sure it doesnt slide around. If you need any more pics let me know



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I use a 400w MH setup with a Lumenarc reflector. Works great. Here is an old picture of my Stand and canopy. If you do a search for 92 gallon you should find several examples of other peoples tanks.. HTH