how to mix Metronidazole and focus ?


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the instructions are not that good how do you guy mix this up to feed ?
I have pellets and frozen .
how many days do you treat for white stringy poop ?
thank you


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My interpretation of the instruction is the following: 5 part of metro to 1 part of focus for every teaspoon of frozen food. One part of the med is exactly one scoop of the provided spoon. Add garlic guard to enhance palatability.


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Yeah... It's 5:1 (focus:metro), and the dosage is for a tablespoon of food, not a teaspoon. When I've used it I thaw/rinse my frozen food and keep it in a little glass Pyrex ingredient container, and mix it up with the proper dosage of med until completely dissolved, and store in the refrigerator between feedings.