How to pair Starry Blennies


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I am very sad to say one of my starry Blennies died suddenly. I had a pair for about 6 months (from DD), they spawned and laid eggs very frequently and seemed in perfect health, then the larger one (female?) suddenly died. I believe it was the female because the other one would periodically turn white, which I think is a male behavior.

I would really like to have another pair. Can someone provide guidance on how to identify and add another female?

Thank you.


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I've asked this question too but didn't get any help. Having a pair yourself, were there any noticeable physical differences other than size? They may be like gobies and you would just need a smaller specimen and use an acclimation box but please wait for others before taking my advice.

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There are any number of reef fish species that can't be sexed visually. Including, I believe, blennies.