How To Raise Live Brine Shrimp?


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Where can I find the information and equipment? How easy to raise brine shrimp?

I bought 2 Brazilian seahorse (Reidi) 2 weeks ago, but they only eat live live brine shrimp so far. Headaches!



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BTJ's Jungle sells live brine shrimp. There in West Islip on Sunrise Highway. I also have seahorses and it was too much work to feed 2 sea horses. I buy 3 portions, and it lasts me a week.

I bought my equipment for raising brine shrimp from Aquatic Eco-Systems



you could just add a TOM Hatch'N Feeder Brine Shrimp Hatchery

to the tank.

THis would make it much easier to feed teh seahorses, plus you would aslo be feeding baby brine which are much more nutritious than adult brine


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Yes--babies are much easier. Here's a quick and dirty brine shrip hatchery. all you need is a 1 qt Chinese souop takeout container, a rigid airline and some tubing, and an air pump. And some brine shrimp eggs. ( has them).

So you fill the container with fresh new saltwater, add some eggs. Make a small hole in the container lid, enough to fit your airline through. Put the cover on your container, put the airline through to the bottom, hook it up to the airpump. Plug it in. Wait a day.


(the jar is just to keep them in motion--and if you like you can add some powdered spirulina or yeast to gut load the baby brine.


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Ahhhh yes sea horses very tricky .... you must add vitamins before feeding brine also try to get them to eat frozen mysis shrimp. When they get bigger you can through in ghost shrimp. They are very picky and you have to watch them every feeding ;)


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james, lmk if he eats the ghost shrimp. im pretty sure he will. if you need any more help with the brine shrimp hatching, feel free to PM me.


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Thank you very much for your advice.

The seahorse is eating the ghost shrimp. It's amazing to watch how the seahorse killing and eating a shrimp much bigger than his snout.