How would I transfer water to my sump ?


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When I bought my tank it wasn't drilled and it came with a HOB protein skimmer. I would like to include a sump so I can add a fuge and some media reactors. And it will also make the outer look of my tank better. What are other options of transfering water into the sump ? I have a Cannister filter left over. Maybe I could use it to take water into the sump.

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You can use a siphon overflow, but they are more accident prone than overflows.

You could most likely drill your current tank, if the glass is not tempered on the pane you are drilling.


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Check out Glass It's a great site and they explain installation procedures and design details of their product.
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The OP has an up and running system. I doubt replacing the tank with a RR is an option, and drilling the tank is not likely either since that is easier to do to a tank that isn't set up yet.

I agree on the Lifereef. If you cant drill it, that is the best route to go.