How would you plumb a bottom drilled 55


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I'm nearing completion of the counter height stand (36") for my 55 and It's time to think about plumbing again..

For whatever reason the PO (previous owner) chose to center drill the bottom of the tank..

It has holes for 3 - 1/2" bulkheads in a row down the center of the tank about 8" apart.

As I got it the 2 sides were plumbed to an internal skimmer box with vinyl tubing and the center was plugged..

This is my plan..

I've put 2- 3/4" fittings in the skimmer box.
2 of the bottom drains will be fed by one side that and will run as a full siphon.. The other side will feed the 3rd bottom brain with a low low durso. It should be quiet and I hope to get 400gph through it..

under the tank the 2 - 1/2" drains for the full siphon will join into a singe 3/4 line with a ball valve to set the flow rate. This will empty below the water line in the sump

The 3rd drain will also go to a 3/4 line with a ball valve there only as a shutoff in case of a below water line break in the tank.
This line will have a vented drain in the sump.

The return will be a 1" over the top line with a Quietone 3000 pump
The 1" return has a ball valve and a T to a 1/2 line with ball valve to feed and excess flow to the refuge.

Good plan or flood waiting to happen??