Huge tank, just starting to add fish, how to feed?


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Silly question, but I'm hoping someone might have some tips on how to manage feeding a relatively empty large tank. I have a new 210 tank that I am just about to start adding fish to, with a pair of clownfish finishing up QT in a few days, but how do people manage feeding only a couple of fish in a huge tank. I don't want to add a like half the bottle of pellets so that may a couple will drift by wherever they hang out. Do people train them to come to a stick or a feeding station? The tank has been running for about 5 months with a number of corals in there and then a couple of mollies, but the mollies are about as docile as a couple of dog and just come right to the top when its dinner time but I'm worried about the clowns staying by whatever rock they choose.


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I wouldn't feed any more than you have been. They'll come get the food.


The fish will find the food. The fish will also learn that you provide the food, and when they see you they will come to the area that you put the food in.

Dave B