Huge Thanks to Steve at Wet Pets


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As it says, a huge thankyou to Steve, paula and the rest of the wet pets team....what a great evening. I estimated we had 80 people in the store at one point. The tanks were awesome and stocked with one of the best collection of corals I have seen locally. Truly outstanding.

I really enjoyed the food as well...well done Chris!

To all the new people that came along tonight, hopefully I had chance to say hello, if not, I apologize. Hopefully you enjoyed tonight and had time to talk reef and marine fish.

Finally, thanks to everyone involved in making this meetinmg a success, and thanks to everyone who came along!

----ill post pics of my ORA frags soon.



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Thank You to Steve, Paula for letting us invade your store ...I had A great time, store looked great! Nice big clams @ good price!


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Congrats on the expansion. The store looked great! It was great to finally get to visit you for a change. ;) Definatley worth the drive from the other side of the world! Stop by and see us sometime when you are up our way. The door's always open for you.


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Thanks to Steve, Paula for a great meeting. The store looks great,
and with you guys having rope fisn and elephant nose fish, I'm
thinking about starting a fresh water system for the first time in
about 25 years.

Chuck E.


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for those that didnt make it, and those that did, here are afew pictures of the evening. I had to take these before the store filled.....

First off, who said maroons and percs cant mix?










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Thanks for the pics, Paul!

And thank you so much, Steve & Paula & Wet Pets crew for making COMAS welcome!!! It is much appreciated!!!


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I bought a clam from them the other day!!! I LOVE that clam... its doing very well in my tank! Unfortunately, my Six line wrasse that I bought from them the same time i bought my clam didnt make it for some odd reason... in fact it died the next day... :-( perhaps it was the long trip back home (I live on 122nd) and the bitter cold but all in all, I LOVE Steves Wet Pets... that store is amazingly clean and well priced!


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Well done, Steve! I hope the night was quite a success for you! And I hope you have a lot more people coming in now!! You did a great job accommodating us


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Thanks for the amazing corals and for the hard work you put into this last meeting. The prizes were awesome and it was obvious that you worked hard for Saturday. Thanks Steve!!


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Great job guys! I know you have all worked hard to get ready for our invasion! Nathaniel even gave up his birthday for us!


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I purchased a beautiful toadstool leather & a zooanthid covered coral skeleton.
Someone by the name of Pam & Phillip bought two of the really primo Zoos! That's what I get for not being early....
Your a wonderful host, Steve! Very clean store!


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I found this meeting to be a blast, well done to all who contributed and kudo's for our grillmaster Chris. And of course all the thanks I can muster up for our gracious hosts. I bought several new items, a few ORA frags and an awesome pair of ORA black and white misbar clowns. Love these guys! Jess finally picked out a coral for once too! She got the Green Birdnest (ORA). So cool to look at.


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Phillip and I had a great time and many thanks to you Steve and your crew. We both feel like you and your team went above and beyond and it was appreciated. Thank you all,
Phillip and Pamela


COMAS Rocks!
Sorry jason, I didn't eat a hotdog so I forgot to mention your name. my bad. They sure did look good though, :D