Hydor Koralia 3 or 4 for 48" tank?


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Wonder if anybody who's had experience with a Hydor Koralia 3 or 4 can chime in and offer a suggestion. My tank is a standard 60 gal and 48" in length. I'm thinking of getting 2x Hydor Koralia 3 and put them on opposite sides.

john f

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I just installed a korallia 3 on my 54 gallon corner bowfront.
I have it attached to a seaswirl to rotate, and the current flow is very good, and not overly strong.
If you are going with SPS I would get two of the model 4s. If you are going LPS or softies the 3s may be enough.



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I have 7 - 4's and 1 - 3 in my 120 :)

7 of the K4s? Where do you have room for anything else? :)

PochiePooh - I would get 2 of the K4s and if it's not enough, you can always mod them to get more flow.


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What kind of sand bed do you have?

I have (3) #4s in my 6 foot long 125 and although the flow is great I have had to readjust the height / positioning of the Koralias several times as they were blowing sand all over my LR and exposing my fiberglass screening between the top layer (sugar grained sand) and the bottom layer (aragonite) of my sandbed...

If you have a finer grained sandbed the 4s will probably be almost too much flow in a 4 foot tank at least as far as blowing sand around...