hypo in quarantine


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Do any of you guys do hypo on all new fish you purchase in your quarantine to be safe or do you just watch them for several weeks to make sure there is no ich or disease? Just got a yellow tang and a royal gamma, they are in my 29 gallon quarantine. I had a outbreak of ich that killed my entire tank a month ago. I think its safe to say I'm a bit paranoid now!!:rolleyes: Any advice would be very helpful, Thanks a bunch!!


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I always quarantine new fish. I would QT them for 4-6 weeks. Leave the maintank fishless for 4-6 weeks as well to kill any ich ( if any ) that is in the main tank.


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Some species yes, some no. Some fish can't take the hypo treatment. I would hypo those two just to be on the safe side. Tang's....never a bad idea, they are always ick prone.


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I'm one of those paranoid :) lost all my fish a year ago, I have 13 fish now that went trough hypo and I still have them, I put them throug hypo for about 2-3 weeks and observed them close.