Hyposalinity in Established Tank (not good i know) HELP PLEASE


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Hi All,

I have a new 6ft setup and moved all the livestock from my old 5ft accross. Now I did the smart thing by keeping both tanks going at the same time for the benefit of avoiding any disasters I just didnt count on Marine Ich \ Whitespot getting into the system. To cut a long story short all my fish were moved back to the established 5ft to use as a HT whilst the 6ft DT was left fishless to get rid of the parasites.

My problem as I knew it would be is that the DSB and base rock left in the 5ft is all dying off and has caused a cycled with my fish in it. I have done a 50% water change but the ammonia is at 0.50, nitrite at .50 and nitrate about 40. Ive treated with 'Seachem Prime' as an emergency with 5x the normal doseage as recommended.

Just wondering where to from here?

1. How often and how large do I do waterchanges?
2. When do I re-apply prime again?
3. The whitespot has all but gone though there are minor spots on a few of the fish. Should I move them back to the 6ft early due to this cycle? Is that a calculated risk I should take? Its been 2 weeks now since moving the fish from the DT.