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Im treating my dt-fowlr for ich using the hyposalinity method. the plants ive spent alot of time and effort to keep healthy seem to be affected by the reduction of salt concentration. Both my shaving brushes seem to basically be desintigrating and my other plants are losing color and vitality. I understand the cycle of this parasite but dont know if they fall on the plants and will be carried over to a QT tank if i move them out of the fuge. does anybody know if i can fresh water dip my plants to kill the parasites, so i dont transfer the little bastards along with my plants? oddly enough , and even tho i want to transfer them too, my rooted mangroves dont seem to be affected, which is odd because everything i read about them says they are very sensitive to salinity changes, (but i am only on day 5 of the treatment). any input please?


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it's my understanding to put the fish in a hospital tank. inorder to keep the dt from being affected by hypo. ich can't live very long with out fish. by the time treatment is over the dt should be parasite free. IMO. i am fixen to start hyposalinity on my fish also