I.D this starfish please :-? there are hundreds of baby ones.. Picture in post


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Anyone know what type of starfish these are, it seems that one hitched a ride in on a live rock and now there are TONS of them. They seem to blend in to the rock and are almost a blue green color. There are also some white ones with little red dotts in the middle but there are not nearly as many of those as there are the green and blue

There seem to stay mostly small nothing bigger then a dime that some even smaller then that. But they are on the rocks everywhere. Hope they are nothing bad because there is no way i could get them all out the tank.

Any Ideas --- In picture 2 you can see it sitting right on top of the coral. pic 3 you can see my happy clowen as well as one stuck to the glass

Any infor would be great !!





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=D there good i had a bunch in my sump untell my heater failed and cooked em
you could always send me few ;)