I got worms...


Aquaria Engineering
I saw one a month ago and thought it was a leg of my brittle star I never see.

Last night I saw the brittle star and two worms. I hope it's nothing serious, I've seen two and have been noticing trails in the sand in the morning.

Weird...gotta research these things to see what they are. What is not good?

Fire worms I guess aren't good...any others?

Crooked Reef

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If they looked like legs of a brittle star then they are probably common bristle worms. Beneficial detrivores.


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Google bristle worms. If that's what u saw, there is no problem. Very common and beneficial detritivours. Some websites even sell them to seed your tank.


Aquaria Engineering
Ya that's what I have... They are pretty big for suck a new and small tank...maybe overfeeding.