I have an addiction


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And Sharkys reef is my dealer.

so i went in for .A.


And Walked out with

Ice Cap Montipora
Orange Bam Bam
Green/Silver Duncans
Some Red Zoas (waiting for them to fully open)
Green Clove
3x ricordeas


And also bought a bottle of copepods!


welcome to the club! nice stash lol

how much did you pay for the ricordias? thats my drug of choice too. i mean coral.


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Do they have any more bottles of copepods? I have been looking for some and the only place I know that sells them is saltwaterfish.com. I thought Sharkey's closed awhile ago?? Are they still trying to get rid of their inventory?


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some i bought for 10 others for 45, they just have some pieces that I like more than the others I have seen online.

They have one more bottle of copepods till their next ordering of it.

sharkys Store closed. But they just took things home. Why pay for the location when you get just as much biz in your basement!


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So did you stop at their house? You got an address? I thought it was all online from here out..... I didn't know they were running it out of their basement now.


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Yup, At her house. I dont have an address as my program on here deleted the address but kept the GPS point so thats how I go there.

Just hit her up and ask her.

rumour has it that she is getting a big shipment in this weekend. :)


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I thought you were going to say you had an addiction to dead snail shells and bubble algea :lol:

I kid! I kid! looks nice. I wish I lived out by you guys so I could hitup such places.