I have Hydroids!!!


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I have Hydroids for a couple months now. I have been trying to kill the batch by using Joe’s Juice and placing putty over the area. But, they seem to find a way to come back within a week. Unfortunately, they are growing on a large piece of rock that would be hard to take out of the tank. This would be my last resort. I purchased some montipora (orange) from a store in RI and that is where I got them. They must have been a hitchhiker on the base of the frag..!

I have read that the only way to get rid of them is to pick them off by tweezers? This would be hard since they are VERY small. Also, if you have tried this, does all of the hydroid release from the rock. I would imagine they would grow back if you don’t get all of it.

Please give me some recommendations before this plagues my tank. I have a small batch but man these multiply very quickly!



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I have them, and have decided just to deal with them. Theres no good way to get them out of a system my size....