I hope this isn't someone on here...


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1" per gallon doesn't apply to freshwater either.

If they haven't come across reefcentral. I hope they do soon.


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1" per gallon? sounds like something someone in a crappy petstore would say. "Buy this Pacu! Looks great in a 55gal!" Morons!


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according to his comment, he says it's temporary until he gets his 200G system online. hope that's the case...


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Convict tang? Isn't that a Segeant Major in there?

Or, do you mean the locked up Yellow tang? Doh!!!

What is the rock on a string for I wonder?


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thats how he allows his tang to 'feed more naturally'. I guess he figures that if he can't let the tang swim naturally, he'll try to atleast let him pick that tiny rock clean every 20 min...