I may be doing this backwards....


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I have a 55 gallon FOWLR at the moment and realize now that I really want to try and add some corals to my tank. From what I can tell, corals are supposed to be added before livestock? Well, I have a pair of ocellaris, coral beauty, diamond watchman, lawnmower, and a variety of turbo and nassarius(maybe even an atrea). I guess my main question is how should I go about adding coral, which types should I add for a beginner, where to place each type and what more do I need for my tank when adding coral.

All my parameters are in check and have been for a couple months, tank started in January. This is the only pic I could get to upload, hope it gives enough of an idea of what I'm working with.


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Alright, well, most people add corals way after other livestock and continue to add corals throughout the life of the tank. You are lucky that your current fish are reef safe for the most part, the coral beauty may nip at corals and the diamond goby may shower sand all over them, but nothing too bad. A great coral to start out with is Zoanthids. Tons of colors, pretty moderate growth but not crazy, and no real Ca/KH need. Start slow with them though to make sure they're doing alright. Good luck with the tank.