I need help about my coral! (Anemone)


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I have a question and I'm a little confused as to what is happening. I had got my anemone with a clownfish who was hosting it and it was eating and opened beautifully like what you see in the picture. I then thought I saw ich on my clownfish and removed her to quarantine for a month in copper and the anemone grew and opened up even larger without the clownfish hosting it. After about 2 weeks after the copper treatment I saw no signs of ich so I let her back in as well as other corals. The other corals are doing beautifully and so is the clownfish however all of a sudden my anemone is staying shrunk and it's been about 5 days and hasn't opened up. I did a water change and checked everything which was good and still is staying super small. The other corals are opened up nicely and I'm not too sure what's going on with the anemone.
The pictures I have are of my other corals opened up and how my anemone used to look compared how it looks now and how it's been for a week! PLEASE HELP!


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I'd just give it time. Anemonies get a lot of their nitrogen from clownfish so one explanation is it doesn't have to open up as much to absorb nitrogen from the water. (Polyp expansion often, not always, equates with hungry.) . There's other possibilities too but in any case the only real option you have as Isee it is either leave them together or seperate them. IMO they will both do better together and the anemone in time will grow.


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Thank you for your time in explaining that, I will see in time what happens. The anemone is still doing it after 2 weeks but I will continue to monitor it. Thank you again