I promise you a good read and laugh


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This is why planning is so important. This hobby is expensive enough, but making decisions without planning is only going to cost that much more.


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You gotta be kidding me......smh....... Thats why I chimed in on your thread....repeatedly..... if your gonna do it ..... do it right the first time and expected to take a lot longer than you expected and spend a boat load more...... and used stuff isnt being used for a reason usually!


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Wow, if that was me I would have given up by now. I agree with epstein that the majority of the used stuff is junk on the forum. I have been getting all my stuff used from my tank but I would say the majority of it is from people leaving the hobby taken me 15 months so far just to get all my stuff.


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My first tank was a 55g rr tank and stand got it for 100 ended up spending under 600 for everything even Rock spent twice that on coral and then I thought it was smart to buy pods from reefs2go and ended up getting acro eatting isopods poof there went all my corals all within my first year broke it down started my 180 and now even planned out knowing more still messing stuff up learning somthing new every day I'm still a newb but this club has helped so much but the most important thing I'm still learning take your time rushing leads to problems every time


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That is also the reason why I told you to read a lot. Epstein said pretty much the same. Most of us have made some costly decisions on here and we don't enjoy seeing others go thru that. Save your money and by I piece of good equipment instead of 3 or 4 used pieces of trash and you will be thanking us for the advice and it will save you money.