I really want a Gymnothorax fimbriatus...


Shh Lets Not talk Cost!
Unfortunately no LFS within 150 miles of me can or is willing to order me one!!!!!!!

If someone can point me to an online retailer I would be a super happy guy!!!

blue zoo has a sketchy looking one but it is the only one I found?



Wondering if Mark is not 100% sure that one is a Fimby, as he has it as Gynothorax Species for some reason. I'm sure it's healthy, my Eel came from BZ, but I agree the picture is not very pretty. I would call BZ and ask for Mark or Kris and they will give you more info about that Eel, maybe even get you a better picture.


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Fimbies can be ugly when young. My spotted one looked much the same when he was smaller, but he has grown into better colors.