I seek aid in IDing disease


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Been a long time since I last posted. This one has be thoroughly scratching my head though. Not my own tank but I help take care of it. My QT is 29 gal with an Eheim canister rated for 250 gal crammed with marine pure media. I have an eheim heater, bubbler, and secondary pump.

Long story short as possible fish showed a slow progression of external pathology I initially though was Lymphosis; but played out weird (cloudy eyes on some fish) and a flame angel died. So I pulled the survivors into a QT. Lost the leopard scat 1 month into QT with above 2 parts copper using copper power blue (I used a hanna meter to monitor). Went to 3 parts for one more week and it didnt stop. Tried prazipro and fresh water dips in methelene blue (the dips seemed to give them some relief but the prazi did not kill it (Might have gotten some but I dont know that for sure) could just have helped them breathe). Never saw anything fall off fish during Dips.
Pulled all meds out and started a 5 week long dosing schedule with Paragaurd from Seachem. The fish healed and colored back up seemed go to go. Total time in QT after pulling all meds for observation was 3 weeks (which I then did a round of general cure because why the hell not, and then waited 4 days before reintroducing them back into their 125). Side not the hippo tang had significant improvement of its HLLE (Thanks Paraguard).

Fallow period for tank just over 3.5 months. I reintroduced the fish on Tuesday and they seem good. But on Friday I watched the yellow tang rush about and then dash on a rock....I am a paranoid reefer. What lives through a fallow period that long that is not ich but is external (I could just be witnessing him scratching dead skin who knows but I am trying to get ahead of the game encase round two taps me on the shoulder). Plus I honestly do not know *** it was/is.

Before I pulled the the fish the yellow tang seemed immune to what was on all the other fish in his tank. He never looked like he was in distress at any point. Pictures of the canary in the coal mine for aid (8 year old hippo tang).

Possible routes for disease entering tank are as follows:
On a 1 month QT'd coral frag, or a naked pincushion urchin from another tank that as far as I know doesnt have this crap in it (Been running for three years and is filled with fish that contracted the disease in the problem tank).

In display tank near the begining:

4 Weeks into QT (It didnt look like this the entire time but built to this):

Closer look:


Sorry for the novel. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Appears to be ich. Take the fish out and clean your quarantine tank with dilute bleach, if that's what you have him in. Then do a hyposalinity. It's always worked for my ich problems. Meds and copper treatment failed on me multiple times.

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