I should be shot...


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I bought my first house a few months ago and have been very busy since the house was foreclosed. Well over the past few months my mantis tank went from ok to really bad. I had the in laws looking after the tank, after a month I went to pick up the little guy and the tank was in the worse shape I have ever seen a tank. The water level was so low and I couldn't even see in the tank it was so bad.

So I got some new live rock and finally moved him. And hes doing great after the 1st day he is already eating and the tank is in great shape again. I will never let this happen again and have to say this guy is tough and that will never happen again. I will post some pics when the light is on.


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Just gotta soldier on, man, take heart and work towards giving your little guy a great home again :) Luckily for me, I've never had to leave my tank unattended for more than a couple weeks. Chin up, the main thing is he made it through the worse and you'll be giving him the best :)


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Hope mantis recovers ok. Aquatic organism's internal organs (i.e. liver) suffer lots of damage when water conditions go bad. Like in humans, some of that damage is partially irreversible.

I'm very sorry about your house. Good luck to both you and the mantis, please try to allways care for it well.


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"I should be shot" or "he/she should be shot" are phrases that are earned by those who deserve it. You, my friend, have not earned it. Trust me, I have encountered many people that should be shot, mostly in high school, but I still bump into people like that everyday. I work in fastfood, I'm an expert in picking them out. ;)