I think I am done


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I think I am done buying corals for my tank. The picture below is of my 65g and it is packed. There is room for corals to grow so I am going to sit back, maintain water quality, perhaps finally do my basement sump/fuge and watch this baby evolve. Here's what I think I have!

Pocilliopora (2 kinds)
Idaho Grape
Birdsnest (2 color morphs)
Orange Capricornus
Monti Digi
Pink Acro Prostrata
Three color Acro of some sort
Oculina ( I think I still have some alive growing with another Caribbean unknown)
Some kind of orange monti encrusting coral
Several varieties of tube corals (not sure if they are LPS)
Lithophylon (2 color morphs)
Leptestrea (4 kinds)
Duncans (3 color morphs)
Chalice (2 kinds)
Blastos (2 kinds)
Pulsing Xenia
Green Tree
4 different types of mushrooms
4 different types of zoas
3 different types of palys (I think)

Sorry about the pic quality -- either my camera stinks, I do ... or both!



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Any fish in there?

I think i see a red one in the top left of the tank.

Awesome tank! Yes, time to sit back and keep your hands out of the water.


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sasscuba -- I have a naked clown and 2 Bengaii Cardinalfish. I did have a very pretty blue chromis but the lobster ate him one night while he was sleeping. Until I rip it apart to catch the lobster -- fish are being kept at a minimum but I am more fascinated by the coral anyway. I also have a very efficient clean up crew -- they are getting big so finding shells for the hermits is a challenge! I have several porcelain crabs, a pistol shrimp (although I haven't heard him a lot lately so I don't know if he passed on) and 3 different types of snails including 1 type that reproduces -- forget the name. Lots of brittle starfish happily reproducing, lots of different kinds of pods and tons of worms ranging from a funny little Caribbean type to my share of bristle worms. Tank seems pretty healthy and I am finally getting the dosing under control.

tkeracer619 -- I had this feeling of being done. No more spots that a coral won't grow and fill in and no more coral lust! I have all the kinds I wanted. So I think I am okay sitting back and watching. Biggest thing for me is keeping that hairy mushroom under control! Plus how to do fragging when they get too big. The hammer is pretty big as is my frogspawn. So pruning will be the biggest challenge for me I think.


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nice! Good luck not finding an excuse to add "one more." I think I've told myself that 50 or 60 times.


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I just picked up some 7" bone snips to start off my fragging tool kit, had a $90 sps frag fall onto a plate and started to rtn, bone snips paid for themselves 9x over the second day I owned them. Looks like you should get one of the frag kits from dfs.

How long have you had your elegance coral?

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nice! Good luck not finding an excuse to add "one more." I think I've told myself that 50 or 60 times.

Yeah same here, I just quit yesterday......

For example. This spot could use a nice colorfull plating or tabling sps... then your done. ;)
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I have had the elegance since August and it is a very happy and healthy Aussie. It's given me a couple of scares but it comes back fine. "Elegance Coral" has assured me that my biggest worry will be that it will get huge! So I only feed it once a week.

You are too funny with the red arrow! If you look at the close up you can see the duncan to the the left and zoas to the right, mushroom below. I did have the Orange Capricornus where the duncan is but moved to it a better spot where it can grow out, get lots of flow and not hit the front glass!