I think I fried my corals


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I came home two days ago and I noticed all of my corals were closed and a snail had died. My tank is three years old and has never looked this bad since I started this hobby. When I tested my water everything was normal, but I did a water change regardless. During the water change I felt a shock everytime I touced the water, so I cut the power and tried to find the source of the problem. I could not find the problem, but when I turned the power back on and put my hand back in the water, I felt no shock. I am assuming there is no electrical current in the tank.

Has anyone heard of this happening and any recommendations to reviving my corals?


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I've had the shock in the water problem, but I never had anything die from it. I dont think thats was hurting your corals or snail, b/c in order for that to happen I would think that the shock would have to be strong enough to hurt you! make sure you did not drop anything in your tank!


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Need to get a grounding probe and gfci.

Also need to check the heaters for any signs of moisture on the inside. Glass heaters are known for doing this.

Do you have any tiny cuts on your hand?

Electricity runs accross its conductor not through. In general, you would die from shock well before your tank does since the occupants are effectivly inside the conductor. Be carefull.